Mono Gtk Adding Widgets to a Table Widget

I am continuing to convert my application from .Net to Mono.

I am working with a table widget to layout one of my screens. After searching for a long time I was unable to find a clear way to add widgets to the table and understand where they will go.

I was finally able to figure it out and created an extension method for it.

public static void Cell(this Gtk.Table table, Gtk.Widget widget, uint row, uint column)
    table.Attach(widget, column, column + 1, row, row + 1);

When working with a table I am used to using a row and a column to add items to it.

The Attach method has 5 parameters: 1 for the widget and 4 others. After testing and working with it I was able to establish how to use row and column to add the widget to the table at the location I wanted.

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